About - vita nell'arte


Patricia Saada Baumann


I grew up in Lebanon, traveled around Europe, lived and worked in various industries in Paris, Italy and London before moving to Dallas, where I currently work in Real Estate Development.
Drawing, painting and photography were my passion growing up, however, they formed a path I was not to follow until much later in life.

I have been fortunate to attend a number of workshops with some wonderful artists in and around Dallas that have inspired me in different ways and areas of painting.
Every painting is a reflection of my soul and my emotions on canvas and carries a piece of my journey.

my life in art – la mia vita nell’ arte.


Kauri Gallery, Dallas Design District ( May-July 2023)

Blue Dragon Fine Art Gallery, Dallas (2022-2023)

Saatchi Art Online Gallery (2022 to date)

Emerging Artists Online Platform, UK ( 2021)